Friday, 10 August 2018

Abandoned Hermit Crabs

Crazy stuff, somebody had dumped these two hermit crabs at the public park's parking lot.  They were found by employees.  South Florida already has a major problem with invasive species.  Some idiots had decided to get rid of their pets by releasing them.  Luckily, they were found in time and take to the Ann Kolb Nature Center in Hollywood, Florida.

This guy is probably Coenobita perlatus or Strawberry Hermit Crab.  Very stylish and colorful crab.  These type of hermit crabs are native to Indo-Pacific Region and live all over offshore islands.

He has a very manly claw))) We are still not sure if this is a male of female.  No need to stress him out for now.  He needs to settle in.  After all, he has been though a lot.  Oh, he is in the painted shell, which is really bad. Painted shells are toxic to hermit crabs.  I hope he gets a new one soon.

This guy is probably a Caribbean purple pincher (Coenobita clypeatus). He seems much more outgoing than the strawberry one.  This a common Caribbean crab that's found all the way from Florida to Venezuela.  

Here is their little tank (the crabitat)

Anyway, come to Ann Kolb Center in Hollywood, Florida to visit these two guys.  They are in the main exhibit hall.  Also, check out their amazing red mangrove forest.

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