Tuesday, 9 January 2018

My Photos of Florida Mangrove Tree Crab

Mangrove Tree Crab or Aratus pisonii

Here are photos of mangrove tree crab (Aratus pisonii) I took at Ann Kolb Center here in South Florida.  I think this is the only specie of crab that lives mostly on trees.  It is kind of weird to see these guy siting on leaves.  But they are pretty colorful))  The mostly hang out on red mangroves (Rhizophora mangle) and eat their leaves. The mangrove tree crabs are usually found in most tropical and subtropical estuaries in North America and Caribbean. 

Mangrove Tree Crab or Aratus pisonii

I caught the tree crab for better pictures.  Here, he is in a plastic cup with some local coffee bean snails.  Unfortunately, as soon as I took him out, he quickly jumped out and escaped.  These guys are really quick.  He ran straight for the tree))))

Mangrove Tree Crab or Aratus pisonii

 mangrove tree crab (Aratus pisonii)

Cute Little Guy

This is what their habitat looks like.  It's all part of the  nature park in Hollywood, Florida.  They have an insanely cool mangrove forest.

Red Mangrove or Rhizophora mangle

Here is me, taking a selfie from the park tower.  Behind me is the mangrove forest. As you can see, it's pretty huge.  At one point, dirty capitalists tried to develop this land and put up condos everywhere.  Luckily, the City of Hollywood stepped in and bought out the land.

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Mangroves and Estuary 

Red Mangrove Forest  (Rhizophora mangle )

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