Wednesday, 13 December 2017

My New Florida Gobies

Check out my fresh water gobies. Caught them myself in Florida canals in Hollywood.  These two species were the most common. I am not sure if they have any other gobies in there.  But these guys are the only thin I saw.  Sorry for the crappy photos.  They are pretty hard to photograph. Plus my aquarium is pretty scratched (I got for free from a dumpster).  

The goby on the top picture is Lophogobius cyprinoides or crested goby.  These gobies are pretty small, not more than 10cm.  As the name suggests, they have this interesting crest on top of their head.  Males are much more colorful, with lots of orange and black in them.

Two better quality photos of Lophogobius cyprinoides from the internet

Image of Lophogobius cyprinoides

Image result for Lophogobius cyprinoides

The other goby specie I caught was Bathygobius soporator or  frillfin goby.  I got two of them.  They seem to be more active than crested gobies.  It is very amusing to watch them to hope around the fish tank.   

Here is one of them, doing what he loves most, guarding his rock.  He tries to chase others away. However, he is no match for my bristlenose pleco.  He rules the tank right now.  No fish is a match for him.  Everyone runs away as soon as he shows from his cave.

Both, crested goby and frillfin goby have adopted really well  to captivity.  They accepted food after only a few hours of being caught.  They eat frozen blood worms and small pellets.  I caught them in brackish water, but they are doing really well in pure fresh.  I don't think they really care.  From what I have seen, they can be kept in freshwater, brackish, and marine.  These guys are not picky when it comes to salinity.

Better photo of frillfin goby from the Internet.  I wish I could take better pictures))) But It will be a while before I figure out how to do that.

Frillfin goby.jpg

So anyway. If you live in Florida, definitely go out and catch these gobies.  They would make a great addition to any aquarium (fresh or salt).  I will try get some more native Florida fish as soon as I move next month.  Hopefully, I'll get some other goby species.

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