Thursday, 21 December 2017

Amazing Super Red Crayfish )

I saw this guy at the small fish store in Hallandale Florida.  Such an amazing color.  I have never seen a crayfish this red.  This cray was sitting there, on a plastic plant.  Not sure what it was trying to do, but it looked like it was trying to reach for the light.   It really makes me want to stark keeping crayfish again.  I used keep European crays  (Astacus astacus)  when I lived in Kiev.  They were super cool, but also super aggressive.  I also kept some Noth American species when I was in Ohio, not sure what they name was. But I got them out of feeder tank.  They were regular brown crays. Anyway.  I might get some crustaceans once I move to a new appartment)))

One of former Astacus crays with some native European fish

European Crayfish  or Astacus astacus

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Каштан Фарма

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