Wednesday, 29 November 2017

I Found a Tiny Pleco in Trash

My neighbor had moved. I the guy threw away almost everything. He actually put his 30gallon tall aquarium in garbage. It had everything: filter, light, stand, covers, and decorations. As I was going though all these, I found a tiny bristlenose Ancistrus spp. pleco in an equally tiny puddle of water. I guess, he was hiding inside one of the decorations. I wasn’t really planning on getting another aquarium, but I guess I have to now)))

The little guy is trying to scare me off by flaring out he tiny bristles)))   He looks dangerous

Anyway, so I scooped him into a pickle jar with some rain water. He stayed there for a few hours. I pulled the 30 gallon aquarium out of the trash, wiped it down, and filled it with water. I dumped all the ugly gravel and decoration and set up the filter (also from the trash). I thank ran to a local fish store to get some water conditioner. 

Me with the garbage found Pleco

Pleco in his temporary home

The actual aquarium after being set up

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Каштан Фарма

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