Saturday, 18 November 2017

Cool Corals on the Beach

I found these cool pieces of coral on the beach, here in Hollywood Florida.  They are all over the beach.   Does anyone know what they are?  There are a lot of them.  I don't know where they grow because there is nothing underwater, but sand.  I'll stick them into my future aquarium, as soon as I find more permanent place to live

Some more corals

Oh, there were other cool thing of the beach.  Here is a sponge.  It really is very spongy)))

In addition to sponges and corals, there is an obligatory mangrove seedling

I also found this thing. I am pretty it's lobster antenna.  Looks pretty long.  I wonder what happened to the actual lobster.  Probably dead.  Most likely eaten by some other animal.

Look, I have a mustache)))))

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