Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Blind Indian Catfish : Horaglanis abdulkalami

Check out this blind catfish from India. It's Horaglanis abdulkalami. It was discovered in 2002 in a the southern Indian state of Kerala in an old dugout well. The catfish is pretty small, only 4cm long, but very interesting. It completely lacks eyes, but has an extremely red color. Local scientists think that this catfish moves through man-made wells by natural underground tunnels or channels. The blind catfish is clearly a member of Clariidae family of catfishes. Its most well known relative is the walking catfish Clarias batrachus.

Another photo of Horaglanis abdulkalami

State of Kerala is also home to a two more cave dwelling blind catfish : Horaglanis Krishnai, Horaglanis alikunhii.  Here is a photo that compares all three species.  

Unfortunately, not a lot of photos are available of these amazing cafish. I also don't think that anyone is keeping them in an aquarium.  However, it would be amazing to have them  in a fish tank. Just think of the crazy biotope tank you can create with these troglodyte fish.  If anyone has any more photos of Horaglanis sp , please let me know)))

Black and white drawing of Horaglanis abdulkalami

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