Monday, 27 February 2017

Baby Oarfish : Regalecus glesne

Does anyone know anything about these Oarfish photos?  I found them online.  Oarfish or
Regalecus glesne is a true deep sea monster.  These guys rarely come up to the surface.  So I am kind of puzzled how these pictures came to be.  Did they actually catch these tiny oarfish or did the hatch them somehow?

Oarfish or Regalecus glesne is the world's longest fish. They can grow to be 17 meters long (56 feet for you Yanks) and weigh over 270 kg. Pretty scary sight, if you ask me. They are also known as King Herring due it crown like appendage on its head. Very little is known about their behavior due to the fact that they live 1000 meters below the surface. They only come up to the surface to die.

An Adult Oarfish

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  2. These fish are fascinating 🐟

    1. Yes, and nobody knows much about them