Monday, 23 January 2017

Freshwater Amphipods From My Canister Filter

I have a small colony of freshwater amphipods living in my canister filter. They on a piece of freshwater sponge that I was trying to grow. Unfortunately, the sponge have died. I think that it had starved to death. It got smaller and skinnier over time. I am guessing that my tank was over-filtered and the colony simply did not get enough food. Next time I will try keeping fresh water sponges in a less filtered tank. I think they would do great in a smaller shrimp tank with an air pump driven filter.

River Sponge

Here is the actual canister filter where these little guys live. I was really surprised to find them there. I have only seen them in August, when I was putting my sponge colony in my Dniester Biotope Aquarium. I kind of assumed, that they fish ate them. To my surprise, there was a bunch of these silly amphipod hanging out in my filter when I have decided to finally clean it.

Their New Home)))

Instead of living on a fresh water sponge colony, they now live on this plastic sponge)))

The only decent photo I could shoot of the amphipods. They are pretty small, well, I guess, they are pretty large for amphipods, but too small for my shitty camera. It proved almost impossible to photograph them. So I only got one photo that's worth posting online)))

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