Monday, 7 November 2016

My Trip to a Cat Show

I had nothing to do, so I went to a cat show last week.  It was here in Tiraspol.  I am not a big fan of cats.  They just seem like such weird animals. In fact, I think that they are inherently evil)))  But, since I was bored, I have decided to go.

Fat cat in a cage)))

A trio of blue cats

Sad or bored cat in his cage.  I don't think he cared much for the show

A bunch of lonely women, trying to see if they can increase their cat collection)))

A really messed up cat.  Not sure what happened to his nose.  It's all pushed in and stuff

Me with a messed up noseless cat)))

This cat is so uncultured, that it doesn't even want to show its face to people.  I blame the owner

 A sad and lonely woman with her cat.  Not husband or kids in sight.  Not a surprise.  She probably talks about her cat to coworkers all the time.

This is the lowest of the low: naked cats.  Why somebody decided to shave them is a mystery to me

A naked cat wearing a sweater.  I guess, it's not technically naked))))

This one is asleep or dead.  I was not sure

Another photo of me.  This time in front of all the cat collectors

A hybrid bengal cat or a jungle cat. It's a hybrid of domestic cat with Asia leopard cat or Prionailurus bengalensis

2 scary looking giant cats.  They must eat a lot of mice.  I feel bad for the owner

Каштан Фарма

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