Wednesday, 7 September 2016

New Filter: JBL 1501 CristalProfi Greenline

Finally got my new filter: JBL 1501 CristalProfi Greenline. They don't have any decent pet stores in PMR, so I had to order it from Ukraine and actually go there to pick it up. Luckily, the Ukrainian boarder is only 45 minutes away))). This is my first JBL filter, I am not too sure what to expect. 

This is what JBL CristalProfi looks like in a box (I've also ordered some cool looking lights)

The Actual JBL  Canister Filter

4 Baskets of Media


The filter is going on my new project, a 380 liter Dniester Biotope Aquarium.  I am planning to get some freshwater gobies, Cobitis loaches, and some other local fish

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Каштан Фарма

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  1. Nice mate thanks for sharing and would like to see updates in months to come.