Saturday, 24 September 2016

My Dniester Biotope Project

My Dniester River biotope project is almost ready.  Here is what I have so far:  380 Liter aquarium plus JBL  1501 CristalProfi  Greenline Canister Filter.  Almost everything, including sand, I got from Dniester River near my house here in Tiraspol.  Here is the fish list:  5 Monkey Gobies, 2 Toad gobies, 5 unknown minnow type fish)

Sand or Monkey Goby in front of it's little cave

The light brown and green coral looking things are freshwater sponges Spongilla fluviatilis.  Yes, they living colonies.  I am pretty sure that they are the same species, but the green one was pulled from cleaner water and has algae inside of it.   

River Sponge and Unknown River Plant from Dniester

My large toad goby or knout goby (Mesogobius batrachocephalus).  Check out the three trap door snails in the background )))

Monkey Goby or Sand Goby ( Neogobius fluviatilis)

Monkey Goby Vs Toad Goby ))

I am not sure if anybody keeps toad gobies in an aquarium. It looks like I might be the first one. I have 2 right now.  The larger one and a baby one.  They very entertaining and not shy at all.  After 2 days in captivity, they were already begging for food.

Monkey Goby

Toad Goby and Monkey Goby hanging out together

Toad Goby in his cave

Large Monkey Goby  (Neogobius fluviatilis)

Baby Toad Goby:  He is really cute

Sand Monkey Gobies

Larger Monkey Goby

Another shot of my large Toad Goby

Anyway, I plan on getting some Round Gobies ( Neogobius melanostomus) and Weather Loaches (Cobitis elongata or Cobitis taenia).  All these gobies are native and legal here in Transnistria and Ukraine. However, I they are illegal in United States because they are considered invasive species.  So if you are a Yank, be very careful when keeping them (Fish and Wild Life Agents don't sleep)

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  1. how is that sponge reacting to an aquarium

    1. the sponge had died. probably did not get enough to it. it got smaller and smaller overtime. i am guessing sponges are suited for low filtration tanks. i'll try them again when i set up my shrimptank

  2. Don't be surprised, apart from the fact the sponges don't like filtration they need at least a few minutes to an hour of time to gather food from the water column ... yours basically starved to death. Determine first what kind of phytoplankton they originally had to make them green...if you can culture it somehow or be able to harvest it from its original location you probably won't have problems keeping these alive.

    1. that's what i pretty much figured. they should kept in shrimp tanks or by themselves. as for green color, i think it's just algae growing inside of them.