Sunday, 18 September 2016

Green Freshwater River Sponge

Found some really cool freshwater sponge colonies today. This time they are green and huge!!! Check it out. These are Spongilla fluviatilis or so I think. I found them in Dniester River in PMR (Transnistria). I saw them before in a different spot before, but that time they were kind of creamy brown in colour. But these river sponges are super green. I am guessing this is due to algae. Not sure if the algae and sponges are in symbiosis.  

I pulled this huge colony out of the water.  They had a ton of different tiny amphipods .

The upside down view.  This is what the base of freshwater sponge colony looks like

Another View of Upside Down Sponge

A much smaller piece of freshwater sponge

Even smaller sponge colony.  Well it's not that small, but not as developed

Fresh water sponges in the process of colonizing river rock

Close up view of the freshwater sponge colony

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