Friday, 9 September 2016

Freshwater Sponges (Spongilla fluviatilis)

I went to collect some gobies for my Dniester Biotope project and guess what I found?  A real life freshwater sponge or Spongilla fluviatilis.  I have heard of freshwater sponges, but until now, I have never seen one.  

This is what I have noticed  on a pieces of wood. At first, I thought that it was some sort of egg clutch.  But it just felt weird, almost like moss.  But it turned out a beginning of a new sponge colony

Another look at small sponge colony

Close up of Spongilla fluviatilis

And than I saw a fully formed freshwater sponge colony.  Looks like something out of the ocean. almost like a coral. Just not as colorful 

A crappy look at the freshwater sponge colonies underwater

Another piece of the sponge

Looks like a piece of coral, but it's a freshwater sponge!!!

This little piece of the freshwater sponge I took home to put into my new tank. Let's see how it goes

My silly face in front of the great Dniester River)))

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