Monday, 15 August 2016

Our Fishing Attempt and a Grass Snake

So we went out fishing Saturday.  It was kind of chilly for August, but I liked it.  It's a nice change from that horrible heat.  We did not really go that far out of Tiraspol.  Likely Dniester is always close by))))

Typical Rural Area here in Transnistria

Finally, The Great Dniester River.  Ok, it's not really that great.  It's actually kind shallow)))

Me in front of Dniester)))

My massive attempt at sun protection.  Being extremely pale, I burn really bad 

Our fishing rods.  No, we did not catch anything this time.  Seriously, not even a goby or a carp))

This guy, on other hand, caught a bunch of fish for some reason

Our encounter with the Ringed Snake or Water Snake  (Natrix natrix).  Can you spot him ?

How about now?

The Ringed Snake was hidden pretty well.  I think he just ate a mouth or a fish.  He had this huge lump in the middle of his body

Look at this cute little face)))

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