Saturday, 27 August 2016

New Aquarium Project

Well, I could not live without an aquarium for long.  So here it is.  It's been 5 months since I got rid of my 75 gallon fish tank when I've moved out of Hollywood, Florida.  Now, here in Tiraspol, Transnistria, I got a brand new tank.  Well, it's not really new.  But it is a good deal.  I got this 380 liter tank, the stand, and lights for only 220 dollars.  Not bad.  I am going to through lights.  They are in a pretty bad shape.  

Both, the lights and the tank are DIY.  Yes, someone actually glued this glass tank together and made the lights and the hood.  The hood and the lights are pretty shitty)))).  So, I am tossing them)))

Now I just need to buy a filter and some sand.  Buying filter actually turned out more difficult than I thought.  They don't sell canister filters or sumps here in Transnistria.  That's right, they don't.  Seems weird, but it's a tiny country.  So I am ordering a JBL CristalProfi GreenLine e1501 from Ukraine.  Oh, and I am making this tank into a Dniester biotope with different freshwater gobies and dojo/weather loaches

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