Friday, 29 April 2016

Some pics from my trip to Newport Aquarium

Here are some photos from my trip to Newport Aquarium.  I did not think it was all that great. Lots of freshwater fish was kind of sick.  Plus their fish selection is not that great.  However, they do have 3 amazing shar rays. These guys are huge.

A small sear turtle

Rainbow tank

Blind Mexican Tetra Astyanax mexicanus).  These guys were fat and impressive, but it were also trying to pass off white crayfish as cave crays. For shame. We know the difference

Random Salt Water Fish

Sea Dragons

Shark Ray or Bowmouth Guitarfish (Rhina ancylostoma)

Giant swimming sea turtle

Salt water puffer

Me riding a plastic frog

Potamontrygon Henlei Stingray.  

Some sort of land turtle

Me with arapaima: i look like a dork )))

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