Friday, 15 April 2016

My Former Stingrays

I have decided to post some old photos of my former stingrays.  I had to get rid of them all because I started traveling.  Still miss them dearly.  I had them in a custom made acrylic 450 gallon tank (8x4x2).

Here are my pair of Potamotrygon Henlei

Same Fish, Only Older

My Potamotrygon false yepezi (well, it's one of those yellow stingrays that nobody can id 100%)

Baby Potamotrygon motoro.  He was born in my tank

His mom, sorry for the blurry pictures

Two P. henlei (notice the color difference)

My giant red Cichlid.  It's a complete mutt. I don't even know what was mixed into it. I got him at Petsmart when he was tiny and completely black in color. 

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