Thursday, 10 March 2016

Florida Mangroves

I got around to taking some pictures of cool mangroves in a park near my house.  Since I only have two more weeks in South Florida, I have decided to make the most of it.  I am really going to miss Florida, but it's so expensive here and I just quite my job.  And honestly, I don't really want to work right now. So I am moving back to Europe.  First to Kiev to check on my stuff, than to Tiraspol (It's in Transdniestria).

For people who keep mangroves in their saltwater tanks, they get huge. I've seen some really tall ones. Like almost 20feet tall.  Ok, I am not sure whether these are red magroves or black mangroves.  But they all look cool in my opinion.

Some aquatic areas.  Notice all the roots, or filters as I would like to call them.  

Some beach areas.  They are full of fiddler crabs.  Fun little guys, but they are so hard to photograph with my phone.  They find into their little burrows as soon as they see me.  I think they are called Uca pugnax.  I had to catch a few of them just to take a picture.

Here is me measuring water salinity.  Looks like full strength sea water.

And other cool picture of me. he he

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