Saturday, 19 March 2016

Florida Mangrove Tree Crabs

Alright, got some more crab pictures. he he. ))) These time it's the infamous mangrove tree crabs!!!

These little guys were sitting not on trees, but on wooden poles. I had to be very careful not to spook them. They did not seem to want to go in the water, just moved around the wooden pole. Kind of neat. The scientific names for them is Aratus pisonii. They belong to Sesarmidae family of crabs. They occure anywhere from Southern Florida to Northern Brazil.

Their little home:  West Lake Park, Hollywood Florida

More Mangrove Tree Crabs


And I took some more pictures of fiddler crabs because they were also hanging out in the same area. Who doesn't love fiddler crabs.  They are awesome!!!!

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  1. NICE photos! I like the rotten wood backgrounds too.

    1. thanks. i tried, these guys are very fast