Friday, 17 July 2015

Florida Crested Goby

Florida crested goby or Lophogobius cyprinoides is a pretty interesting little fish.  Apparently the can live in a large array of water (from salt to pure fresh).  Here in South Florida, they seem to be in every canal.  Usually they can be found under rocks or oyester shells.  I did not have to go very far to get them.  I just went straight to my local canal and fished them out with net

                                                                     that's me with my net

I actually got a whole bunch of them.  They were under almost every rock.  After taking them out the net, they ended up in my bucket and were transported directly into my fishtank.

                                                              my really bad pictures

They have adusted to captive life really fast, and were eating frozen blood worms and some Hikari Carnviour pellets (crushed).  The water my 75gallon tank is pure fresh. No salt or any kind of buffes were added.  The have been living with me for 6 months now without any kind of issues.  The males even showed some mating behavior.  They would turn very dark and dig a hole under different rocks.  I have not seen any eggs or fry, but it's possible that other fish were eating them.

So i would highly reccomend getting these tiny guys for you community tank.  I guess they can go in fresh, brackish, or even salt.  So if you see them in pet stores, definitely buy them (or catch them yourself if you are in Florida).

                                                                more bad pictures:

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