Friday, 3 November 2017

South Florida Olive Nerite Snails

I finally got back to Florida!!! It's summer time here. So nice. I took these photos at Jacksonville in St. John's River. It's the only place in North America with freshwater stingrays, Dasyatis sabina. Unfortunately, I did not see any. The water was pretty murky. But I did see a ton of olive nerite snails (Neritina reclivata).  Florida people have it easy, we have to pay for nerite snails, while they have them for free everywhere)))   I got 3 snails for my friend's betta tank.   She seem to really like them.

Hanging out on some cool rocks!!!

A nice nerite family at home

I've also pulled some drift wood with olive nerites and some cool barnacle type animals.  Does anyone know exactly what they are?  There was a bunch of them.

An olive nerite snail hanging out with barnacles and some weird worms

This guy got scared and pulled himself in))))

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