Wednesday, 8 November 2017

South Florida Nature ))

I finally got around to check out local park for some interesting fishes.  I got to South Florida two weeks ago and I love it.  The nature here is amazing.  So many interesting animals and fish.   So, here some I photos from the park near my house in Hollywood, Florida

Some nice ibises 

Close up. They are so white. How do they stay so clean?  I mean, they go though dirt all the time with their beaks)))

Here is me with my net.  Trying to catch some fish.  This pond actually has some oscars and other cichlids that we only see in fish stores.

Going though my net.

A very nice male golden killiefish or golden topminnow (Fundulus chrysotus). These guys are amazing. I used to have a few of them in my native aquarium. I don't have any tanks running at the moment, so I let him go. As soon as I set up another fish tank, I cam coming back to get a bunch of them

Here is my trying to catch more fish)))

I got another one.  This looks like a mosquitofish Gambusia sp.  Not sure on exact species.  Not very colorful, but interesting

Another Gambusia.  No luck with anything else.

Since I had no luck catching any more interesting fish, I ended up taking photos of the local muscovy ducks Cairina moschata.  These guys are everywhere in South Florida.  They are actually invasive.  They hang out near supermarkets and panhandle all the time.  They are very fat and lazy.

Hanging out with the duck family)))

They do have weird faces.  All the warts and stuff

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