Sunday, 19 November 2017

Some more photos of South Florida Park

I went to another park.  This time near my house in Hallandale Beach.  They had a ton of american white ibis or Eudocimus albus.  These guys approached everyone for food.  Such cool birds.  Very beautiful and strange at the same time.  

There was also a bunch of swimming turtles in the pond.  It was a combo of regular red sliders, florida softshells, and some other weird long-necked turtles.  I tried to photograph a giant florida softshell turtle, but it was too fast for me.  But it was huge.  Maybe next time, I'll bring some food and try to lure it in for a closer look.

I am not sure what this turtle is.  I think that it might be a side-necked turtle

Large Clarias batrachus or walking catfish. The was a bunch of them.  They kept coming up for air in schools.  I guess they are firmly established here in South Florida.  There was also a massive amount of oscars in these pond.  However, I could not take a decent photo of them.  But there were hundreds of them in there.

Oh, and I saw this cute little family of muscovy ducks.  And no, they don't come from Moscow. They are from South America, but have become an invasive species in South Florida. 

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