Saturday, 5 November 2016

World's Fattest Blue Gourami's


This is my friend's dad's aquarium set up.  It's kind of run down, but the fish look pretty health and fat.  He has 3 level set up. With the largest tank being 200 liters on the bottom.  The top aquariums contain some guppies and swordtails.  Nothing really that exotic or interesting.  But the bottom tank had really caught my eye.  It had a large blue or three spot gourami (Trichopodus trichopterus) community

The actual aquarium set up

Fat Blue Gourami's

I know, blue gouramis are not that exotic)))  But they look really neat.  It's kind of interesting to see a bunch of them together.   Usually, you only see one or two.  Here we have the whole community

Yes, these gourami live with goldfish)))

Maybe, someday, I'll set up a gourami tank with all sorts of different gourami species

 And now, more photos of the fat blue gouramis))) 

I am surprised, that none of them have nipped fins.  These gouramis seem to get along quite well

 More of my crappy pictures. I really need to learn more photography skills)))

Here are some tankmates

A Pair of Goldfish

A pair of Synodontis catfish.  They are male and female.  But according to my friend, they have never spawned for some reason.  If anyone knows exact species, please let me know.  Cause I am completely blank on Synodontis iding)))

Каштан Фарма

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