Saturday, 5 November 2016

My Goby Tank Update

Here is a quick update on my Dniester biotope tank.  Or as I call it, the goby tank.  So far I have 2 species of gobies here: monkey goby (Neogobius fluviatilis) and toad goby (Mesogobius batrachocephalus).  I have them since August.  Caught them myself with my fish trap right out of Dniester here in Tiraspol.  I used to have 2 toad gobies, but the bigger one ate the smaller one.  What a bastard!!!

Here the Toad Goby or Knout Goby (Mesogobius batrachocephalus).  This guy has gotten really fat lately.  He hates dry food and only eats frozen shrimps and worms.  Oh and he ate the other toad goby)).  He is not very active.  He usually just sits in his cave, until he smells food)))  This goby is interesting because he can live in fully marine, brackish, and freshwater.  I got him out of a river and he has been doing pretty well.

My larger monkey goby (Mesogobius batrachocephalus). Unlike the toad goby, these guys are pretty active, always out and about.  They also eat anything you throw in there.

Another photo of the monkey goby.  They are also called sand gobies here Transnistria.  Just like toad goby, these fish can live in fully marine and fully fresh waters.

Another view of my monkey goby, in front of the local native snail, not sure on the species

Monkey in his sand habitat.  Yes, they do dig a lot.  It seems to be their favorite thing to do.  It's a shame that people in US can't keep them legally. In that country, they are consider an invasive specie)))

Каштан Фарма

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