Saturday, 11 June 2016

Attempted Fish Collecting in Tiraspol (Dniester River)

I finally made to the Dniester River here in Tiraspol (Transdniestria) to see if i can catch some local fish.  I kind of expected Dniester to be a much larger and cleaner river, but it was pretty shallow

Here is me with my newly bought fish trap

This is the only thing we caught, a sand goby or monkey goby (Neogobius fluviatilis)

Here is my second attempt at catching some fish, this time with a net

No fish was caught, but we got some cool snails.  I couldn't id them,  but i think the smaller ones are  fresh water nerites (Theodoxus fluviatilis)

Some larger trap door snails

Каштан Фарма

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