Sunday, 6 March 2016

Giant Baobabs and Cacti in South Florida

Yes, it's a real tree. There are 5 of them in hear my house in Hollywood, Florida. They are at Young's Circle. I was wondering what they are, turns out that they are called Baobabs (Adansonia digitata). They are also known as "tree of life". Baobabs are native to Aftrica. These guys were planted some time in 1930's by unknown person. An interesting fact, baobabs can live up to 2000 years. Pretty crazy

Here is me near one of the other trees

I have also notice some really cool cacti all around the neighborhood. Yes, I think cacti is a funny word. They are Nopalea cochinellifera, and you can actually eat them. I have not tried, but probably should. They grow up to 12 feet tall and look like a real tree. That is some crazy stuff. I never knew that cactus can get this big.

Notice the very manly trunk

Close up of cool cactinious branches

Another impressive, but less manly cactus

Another cactus, but with weird flowers/seeds

And finally, I cut a little piece and planted in a pot, so I'll have a cactus of my own


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