Sunday, 21 February 2016

Euro crayfish


Found some old pictures of my European crayfish or Astacus astacus.  I had these guys 3 years ago. Pretty cool animals.  I got them from local supermarket in Kiev.  They were sold as food, to be boiled and eaten.  But how can eat such cool decapods? I mean, look at their sweet faces.


It took them about 2 days to fully get used to my tank.  After that, they became really bold and aggressive. They would eat anything I threw in there.  I mean anything, veggies, mean, shrimp, pellets.  They even caught most of the fish and ate them as well.  After about a year, they have doubled in size and even started to wave their little claws at me in order to scare me off.  I released the into a local pond because I wanted to keep more fish (at the time I only had one tank).  Don't worry they were in contact only with local native fish.

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