Sunday, 28 February 2016

Greater Siren in a local pet store

Just saw this cool guy at the local fish store in Hallandale, Florida.  I have had lesser sirens before, but this guy is huge, and i don't think that he is fully grown yet.  Here is my crappy video.  Yes, i suck at shooting videos with my phone.

For people who don't know, sirens are fully aquatic neotonous salamanders.  They are very eel like in shape.  The most interesting features of all sirens complete lack of hind legs.  So they really do look like mermaids.  The greater siren is classified as Siren lacertina.  They are native to United States.

Here are some better pictures from the internet

Image result for greater siren

Friday, 26 February 2016

More Pelicans

I went to the pier again. There was a bunch of them. Just sitting around. Looked pretty fat too.
These guys are too lazy to fish, so they just hang around fishermen, hopping that they would throw them some food (and most people do)

I have never realized how huge pelicans can be. I mean, they are really huge. I've offered of them fish, and he opened up like a trash can lid. I just put fish in his pouch.  

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Does anyone know what this is? Might be a sponge

Does anyone know what this is?  I found a few of them on a beach near my house.  They feel really spongy and soft.  A bunch of them washed up today.  

They are also pretty red in color.  Interesting stuff.  I wonder if they are alive.

Here is a picture of another one

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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Euro crayfish


Found some old pictures of my European crayfish or Astacus astacus.  I had these guys 3 years ago. Pretty cool animals.  I got them from local supermarket in Kiev.  They were sold as food, to be boiled and eaten.  But how can eat such cool decapods? I mean, look at their sweet faces.


It took them about 2 days to fully get used to my tank.  After that, they became really bold and aggressive. They would eat anything I threw in there.  I mean anything, veggies, mean, shrimp, pellets.  They even caught most of the fish and ate them as well.  After about a year, they have doubled in size and even started to wave their little claws at me in order to scare me off.  I released the into a local pond because I wanted to keep more fish (at the time I only had one tank).  Don't worry they were in contact only with local native fish.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Homeless ducks in Florida

These are guys are everywhere in South Florida. Locals call them muscovy ducks, not sure why, they are not from Moscow. They are not even from Europe. These ducks are from South America. Their proper name is Cairina moschata. And, yes, they are invasive species. Apparently someone had brought them to Florida to farm them for food. But as you can tell, they have escaped and are running wild.

Here is one trying to get some food out of me. Surprisingly, they can fly. I was kind of shocked because they are so fat.

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