Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Exotic Pike (Esox lucius) Color Morphs

Found these amazing color morphs of Esox Pikes on the internet. I am guessing these are Esox lucius, but it's kind of hard to tell due to the color difference. The first one is the melanistic pike. Pretty sinister looking)))

Leucistic or Golden Pike

I wonder how a northen pike of this amazingly bright color could survive in the wild. Probably wouldn't. And it looks like this Esox pike is living in aquarium.

Finally, an amazing super green northern pike))) 

If anyone knows anything about these amazing fish, please let me know.  I am curious about them.

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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

My Freshwater Gobies in their Biotope Aquarium

Just took some more photos of my native goby tanks. Ok, native to Dniester River))) I have 3 freshwater species of gobies in there: monkey goby, round goby, and toad goby. Toad goby ( Mesogobius batrachocephalus) is the largest one, but he only comes out when he is hugry, so I couldn't get any photos of him this time.  However, I got a bunch of pictures of my monkey gobies and round gobies.

Monkey or sand goby (Neogobius fluviatilis) is showing his chubby face

Two monkey gobies and a round goby (Neogobius melanostomus) hanging out together.

A profile view of my large sand goby

Larger and smaller monkey gobies together near their rock cave)))

Another cool view of the gobies

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Mushrooms of Transnistria)))

Finally got around to posting my recent photos of mushrooms picking near Tiraspol.  We only got 4 little mushrooms. My friend ended up taking them home to fry))) That's all we got.  Kind of dissapointing, but that's life.  Hey, did you know that mushrooms are actually fungal genitals? Yes, it's true)))

Me near some abandoned summer houses

My friend with our first mushroom

Me and my first victim

Autumn Country Side in Transnistria

Monday, 14 November 2016

Freshwater River Nerites: Theodoxus fluviatilis

Nerite sails are very popular now in an aquarium hobby.  Most of them, however, do not breed in fresh water.  But, here in Europe, we actually have our own 100% freshwater nerite snails Theodoxus fluviatilis.  Not only do they breed in completly freshwater rivers, but they also don't mind cold water.

These snails are also known as River Nerite

A close-up of Theodoxus fluviatilis

Another close-up of Theodoxus fluviatilis.  As you can see, for some reason, these nerites like to lay eggs on each other's shells.  You can see two eggs in the bottom right snail.  I have a bunch of them in my aquarium right now.  They do fine in both cold water tanks and in tropical ones.  While they do breed pretty well in aquarium, the do not over populate like other snails.  They are pretty good at cleaning algae and all sorts of slime of the glass.  While they look pretty neat, they only downside is that they are much smaller than your typical tropical nerite.  They are about ladybug size.

Каштан Фарма

Thursday, 10 November 2016

My New Fish: Round Goby

Finally got around fishing. I got these two cool round gobies Neogobius melanostomus for my biotope aquarium.  It was pretty chilly outside, but we managed to cat these guys.  I've been wanting them for a while.  If you are in US, these are illegal to keep because they are considered invasive species.

Dniester River 

Our First Catch: a nice round goby

His pretty dark

Monday, 7 November 2016

My Trip to a Cat Show

I had nothing to do, so I went to a cat show last week.  It was here in Tiraspol.  I am not a big fan of cats.  They just seem like such weird animals. In fact, I think that they are inherently evil)))  But, since I was bored, I have decided to go.

Fat cat in a cage)))

A trio of blue cats

Sad or bored cat in his cage.  I don't think he cared much for the show

Saturday, 5 November 2016

My Goby Tank Update

Here is a quick update on my Dniester biotope tank.  Or as I call it, the goby tank.  So far I have 2 species of gobies here: monkey goby (Neogobius fluviatilis) and toad goby (Mesogobius batrachocephalus).  I have them since August.  Caught them myself with my fish trap right out of Dniester here in Tiraspol.  I used to have 2 toad gobies, but the bigger one ate the smaller one.  What a bastard!!!

Here the Toad Goby or Knout Goby (Mesogobius batrachocephalus).  This guy has gotten really fat lately.  He hates dry food and only eats frozen shrimps and worms.  Oh and he ate the other toad goby)).  He is not very active.  He usually just sits in his cave, until he smells food)))  This goby is interesting because he can live in fully marine, brackish, and freshwater.  I got him out of a river and he has been doing pretty well.

My larger monkey goby (Mesogobius batrachocephalus). Unlike the toad goby, these guys are pretty active, always out and about.  They also eat anything you throw in there.

World's Fattest Blue Gourami's


This is my friend's dad's aquarium set up.  It's kind of run down, but the fish look pretty health and fat.  He has 3 level set up. With the largest tank being 200 liters on the bottom.  The top aquariums contain some guppies and swordtails.  Nothing really that exotic or interesting.  But the bottom tank had really caught my eye.  It had a large blue or three spot gourami (Trichopodus trichopterus) community

The actual aquarium set up

Fat Blue Gourami's

I know, blue gouramis are not that exotic)))  But they look really neat.  It's kind of interesting to see a bunch of them together.   Usually, you only see one or two.  Here we have the whole community

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Autumn Leaves

It's autumn time.  Time for some amazing leaves.  Yellow, red, green- they are all here.  I love it.  Just wish would get warmer.  I can tolerate cold anymore after living in Florida for 2 years.  Tiraspol seems like a frozen wasteland compared to South Florida)))

Typical autumn woman with a typical autumn leaves)))

Another autumn street.  Most of the local people have already started hibernating.  They will mostly emerge only in mid April

Каштан Фарма

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

My New Fish: Just kidding, they are shot glasses)))

Hey guys, check out my new purchase.  It's an old Soviet set of fish shot glasses. Pretty neat.  Just got them today for 4 dollars (or 50 Transnistrian rubles) at the local flea market in Tiraspol.  It's a must have for every fish fanatic out there.  The large mom-fish is a bottle for vodka or cognac.  The baby fish are for doing shots)))  Anyway, I can't wait to try the out.

As you can see, the fish are pretty friendly and can even do tricks)))

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Fresh New Buckeyes

It's autumn, time for fresh new buckeyes.  They are always look so shiny and new.  It is one of those times of the year where buckeyes catch you eye))).  First they bloom in May, and than in October, they finally leave their spiny green shells and come  out for us to enjoy)))   This is my first time seeing buckeyes in Tiraspol, usually I observe them in Kiev.  But Transnistrian buckeyes are just as good as Ukrainian ones.

Look at this shiny new buckeye!!!

This guy is still in his protective spiky shell