Saturday, 19 December 2015

Catching Florida Nerite Snails (Neritina reclivata)

Here are some photos of my trip to a local canal here in South Florida.  This is where all the cool nerite snails live (the ones you buy in petstores).  The water was mostly fresh, there might be some salt, but i forgot my hydrometer at home.  Next time I'll definitely measure it.

this gys live attached to the rocks. here is my first catch (olive nerite or Neritina reclivata).

Small Crab (the pictures did not turn out well)

Trying to scoop more stuff with my net

Some Florida gobies

Someone's shoe that got colonized by molluscs

Some cool goby.  Not sure on the name, but he went into my fish tank

Florida Crested Goby (Lophogobius cyprinoides).  There were a bunch of them in there.  I dumped him back since I already have a colony of them in my 75 gallon.

Some overall nature pics

Cool picture of me


  1. Hey... where in South Florida is this? I live in Miami. I'm looking for some nerites and gobies...

  2. You have a wonderful area there to explore! By the way, what are the reddish wormy things on a muddy shell in a couple of the photos?

    1. i have no clue. some sort of sea worms?

    2. Do you ever have to worry about leaches in the water getting you?

    3. i have not thought of that. but i really have not seen any leaches when i was in florida. i kind of miss florida. cool state, just expensive